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Who loves their children more the United States of America or European Union

The European Union is the leader in future-ready world. They have more creative trash solutions and sustainability solutions for our world, communities, and offspring.


Yes, it’s frustrating that our innovative forefathers destroyed the planet, but we can be empowered to clean it and save it! Their creativity gave rise to innovations like the Internet, computers, and planes  which allow us to explore the world! Protesting is wonderful, but also get creative and start collaborating on solutions for us to co-exist.

The solutions like biodegradable single use containers exist. Seaweed and other materials are being used for single use containers, but the oil industry keeps plastic costs low.

Biodegradable containers should be subsidized and incentivized by tax breaks to encourage our wasteful food packaging and hospitality industries can economically transition quicker.

No one likes seeing plastic and napkins blow across our cities like tumble weed. No one wants to drink contaminated water causing medical issues and cancer to rise along with medical expenses. No one hopes animal species will go extinct yet animals are eating plastic and starving themselves of nutrients. Our dying coral reefs should be the first line of defense protecting our shorelines from hurricane storms. We all remember the BP oil spill caused catastrophic and permanent damage to the ecosystem of the Florida panhandle and the protective oysters along the shore.

I hope our U.S. Congress and ethical voted leaders will vote with heart for the future of our plant. Listen to natural solutions backed by scientific evidence not their top donors.

We can be better collaborators if we listen with two ears, look with two eyes, followed by speaking with one mouth. Learn more and carry a notebook to think more creatively.

This election year, I hope you spend time getting to know your electorate in the USA. I challenge you to be smart and do your homework. Do you want your colleague to be unqualified to help you on your projects at work? U.S. citizens, I realize we are creative, but we lack wisdom with our flashy, flamboyant government officials. 

Who did you vote to be the President in your high school yearbook? The nerd or the bully? The class clown or the valedictorian. Get your head out of your reality TV show for a few days, and learn about your candidates. You make a difference. Don’t be influenced by silly propaganda on (insert social media platform here). You’re smarter than that!


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