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Welcome to Lauderdale Native!

Lauderdale Native is a new, but deeply rooted, champion for Fort Lauderdale’s Local Arts and Culture. Partnering with local artists and craftsmen we believe strongly in fostering and representing Fort Lauderdale’s diverse community through the arts.

Allison, a lifelong member of Fort Lauderdale, and Drew, a transplant from Pennsylvania in May 2017, became inspired to create this brand for different reasons.

Drew, after moving here from Central Pennsylvania, has been inspired by the diverse culture and arts of Fort Lauderdale. Meeting the many walks of life is absolutely inspiring in the diverse community.

Allison, a lifelong member of Fort Lauderdale, has always been interested in the arts and design making connections and friends with local artists all of her life.

After both meeting and realizing our love and appreciation for the local arts and culture of Fort Lauderdale we decided to partner with many of our friends, both new and old, in the local arts community.  We have and continue to search for the best representations of the deep roots, culture and community Fort Lauderdale has to offer.

We look to focus on representing the many walks of life Fort Lauderdale contains, especially to those just visiting.

As we continue to grow we will carry a wide variety of goods, including unique crafts, paintings, photography, jewelry and much more. Always interested in expanding our offerings reach out to us anytime via any of our social media accounts, email at

Look for more coming soon to the site, especially from our blog section.  We will interview local artists and craftsman, in addition to updating the community on recent events.

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