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Section 8

Who loves their children more the United States of America or European Union

The European Union is the leader in future-ready world. They have more creative trash solutions and sustainability solutions for our world, communities, and offspring.


Yes, it’s frustrating that our innovative forefathers destroyed the planet, but we can be empowered to clean it and save it! Their creativity gave rise to innovations like the Internet, computers, and planes  which allow us to explore the world! Protesting is wonderful, but also get creative and start collaborating on solutions for us to co-exist.

The solutions like biodegradable single use containers exist. Seaweed and other materials are being used for single use containers, but the...

Seeking Shelter: A Personal Perspective on the Section 8 Housing Journey

The housing crisis is undoubtedly real. When I mention housing, I'm referring to section 8 and public programs for low-income individuals to secure housing. Today, I want to share my own story. I was fortunate to have a supportive living coach who had my information and always looked for section 8 openings. In early March 2015, she informed me that she had entered my name into a lottery for potential housing selection. Yes, a lottery. In my view, no one should have to rely on luck in such a critical matter.

Silent Struggles: A Journey Through Foster Care Neglect

Imagine being a child in foster care. Now, picture being a child in foster care at the age of 12, permanently disabled – that was my reality. In one of my initial placements, I was placed with a foster family that solely spoke French, making communication challenging. However, even more distressing was the fact that my disability (I am now a woman in the prime of her life, living with cerebral palsy and relying on a wheelchair for mobility) left my voice unheard. My opinions were disregarded, and I felt invisible, leading to a life-threatening...