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Did you know coral reefs help protect Fort Lauderdale's shoreline from hurricane stormsurge?

The University of Miami is helping research and revive Florida's coral reefs suffering from heat rising.
Here are some ways you can help protect coral reefs:
  • Be responsible: Avoid touching reefs, anchoring your boat, and harassing wildlife.
  • Reduce waste: Recycle and dispose of trash properly.
  • Use environmentally-friendly transportation: Walk, bike, or use public transportation instead of driving.
  • Conserve water: Less water means less runoff and wastewater that pollutes the ocean.
  • Use sustainable seafood: Look for labels that show the fish has been caught sustainably.
  • Make your lawn green: Use ecological or organic fertilizers in your gardens.
  • Volunteer: Hire local guides to support the economy.
  • Leave no trace: Take pictures instead of buying jewelry and other products made from coral.
  • Spread the word: Educate yourself and others about why healthy coral reefs matter.


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